Thomas LaRock

Thomas LaRock is a Microsoft Certified Master, a SQL Server MVP, a VMWare vExpert, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 15 years experience in the IT industry in various roles such as programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator. He is also the author of "DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA" and has participated in the technical review of several other books. Currently, Thomas is a Head Geek for SolarWinds.

Great database performance starts with great database design. During the design process it is important to select your SQL Server datatypes wisely. Failure to do so will result in wasted disk space, additional I/O overhead, and decreased performance.
Attend this session and understand how, why, and when SQL Server uses statistics and how this new feature will help improve performance.
This session will help DBAs to understand what changes they need to make in their performance and monitoring practices for virtualized database servers.
Attend this interactive session and learn how to create, deploy, and migrate data from your on-premises instance of SQL Server to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
Great database performance starts with great database design.

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Presenting This Week: Enterprise Data World 31 Mar 2015
This week I will be attending Enterprise Data World in Washington, DC. I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to present not one but TWO sessions at the premiere data management conference in the world. On Wednesday, April 1st, I will be presenting a session titled “Designing ...

HOW TO: Find When SQL Server Wait Stats Were Last Cleared 23 Mar 2015
For years I have found myself often needing these three pieces of information with regards to SQL Server: When was the last time the server was restarted? When was the last time the SQL instance was restarted? When was the last time the SQL Server wait stats were cleared? If the server itself is ...

Changing Default Database File Locations in SQL Server 24 Feb 2015
When you create a database in SQL Server and do not specify a file location for your data and log files SQL Server will rely on the default database file locations as defined in the server properties. You can see these properties for yourself by right-clicking on the instance name inside of SQL ...

Using Templates With SQL Server Management Studio 22 Jan 2015
I love learning new things. I feel like a kid again at times, my eyes get wide as I imagine new possibilities using whatever things it is I have found. This is how I felt last week when I came across a feature of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that I had not seen before(...)Using Templates ...

HOW TO: Recycle the SQL Server Analysis Services msmdsrv.log File 14 Jan 2015
I found this question over at DBA StackExchange the other day and it left me shaking my head. How is it possible that there is no way to automatically recycle, or reset, the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) error log in a similar manner to SQL Server? After all, it’s not like the ...