Simon Sabin

Simon runs a Data Consultancy enabling companies to make the most of the data they have.

He has worked with data for all his career and worked with companies across all industry sectors including online retail, insurance, finance, motor sport.

He works with companies to help them

1. Improve their data development practices including implementation of devops, agile methodologies and continuous integration.

2. Understand and define a cloud data platform strategy.

3. Optimise their data platform, including performance, scalability, security and certification

Education of people is at the heart of what Simon and his company stand for. it is epitomised by SQLBits, which Simon founded in 2007. Its the largest SQL Server conference outside of Europe and many view as the best in the world, always maintaining a free element and ensuring education for everyone.

He is also a SQL Microsoft Certified Master and has been Microsoft MVP since 2005

You can follow him @simon_sabin or read his blog

Recently the SQL MVPs put together their list of myths about SQL Server. If you think you know everything about SQL then come along and see if you're right.
A indepth insight into performance tuning database applications.
This session looks at some of the common scenarios when query plans can go wrong leading to your performnce suddenly hitting the wall. We will talk through what happens, why it happens and ways in which you can avoid it happening.
SQL 2008 Development Features
Encapsulating common code in fucntions is one of the first things you learn as a programmer. However with SQL Server functions can be very bad for performance. In this session we will examine scalar functions in both TSQL and in .Net. You will come away from this session understanding the pitfalls of TSQL functions and how you can make them run 100 times faster.
In this session we will look at some of the practices that you shouldn't follow when developing a SQL Server database. We will cover items such as query design, table design, indexes, constraints and more. After this session you will have some practices that you know you should avoid in your SQL Server database if you want the best performance. If you have them you will know what you need to do to resolve them.
Ever tried deleting 100 million records. If you have you will know your transaction log will likely blow up, you will block access and it will generally be painful. In this session we will look techniques I use to help me these situation
In this session we will look at some common practices I have seen in the field that cause performance problems. We will diagnose the cause of the problem and the resolution to the problem.
This session covers all aspects of what you need to do, to enable the storage of card details in SQL Server and achieve PCI certification. We will deep dive into the solutions for storing the data securely using SQL Servers encryption functionality

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