Mixing virtualisation with SQL Server - a checklist for success

Virtualising SQL Server is nothing new, but as our confidence increases so value of what we are virtualising.  This is fine until there are performance problems. On top of the usual monitoring and diagnostics, we have a whole new world of components to investigate, which is complicated by these typically being shared (SAN, hypervisor and host server).

To make sure you’re prepared to troubleshoot a virtualised platform I’ve put together a checklist. I’ll discuss what items are on the checklist and the importance of why they’re there.  When you deploy your next SQL Server using virtualisation or perform your next SQL Server audit you can tick my checklist items off and feel more prepared for any issues that come in.

Presented by Gavin Payne at SQLBits VIII
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    Gavin is a solution architect leading, designing and implementing information platform and data centre transformations. He has a track record of delivering projects that provide new functionality, consolidation, and standardisation. He also provides guidance in the broader areas of enterprise IT landscapes and operational best practices. He is also one of 25 Microsoft Certified Architects for SQL Server in the world and a Microsoft Certified Master, and holds architect certification from the Global IT Architect Association, IASA. His technical expertise focuses on Microsoft SQL Server data platforms and cloud infrastructures, primarily in the retail and services sectors.

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