Real World Data Movement with Attunity Replicate

In this lunchtime session, Attunity will highlight real customer implementations of Attunity Replicate and the Microsoft BI technology stack that enabled them to achieve competitive advantage. 
James Roland-Jones will help spotlight the success of a leading German mobile telecom company using Attunity’s high-performance data replication solution for real-time data loading from Oracle and SQL Server to a new replication layer and onwards to their Microsoft PDW system. 
We will also present SMART Modular, a technology leader in the design, development, and deployment of current and next-generation memory products. SMART Modular has implemented Attunity Replicate on their SAP Oracle implementations and SQL 2012 production systems to replicate data over their WAN for real-time management reporting.

Attend this session to learn about these companies’ project goals, the challenges they faced along the way and the innovative solutions they used to successfully achieve company-wide BI and analytics
Presented by Attunity at SQLBits XI