Jason Thomas

Jason has been working with Microsoft BI tools since he joined the IT industry in 2006. Since then he has worked across SSAS, SSRS and SSIS for a large number of clients like Unilever, Imperial Tobacco, IATA, Schneider Electric, etc. He is currently working at Mariner, NC (USA) (www.mariner-usa.com) and his personal blog site can be found at http://road-blogs.blogspot.com
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A 1hr session jam packed with demos on SSRS Spatial reporting

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Hex Tile Grid Maps for Power BI 21 Apr 2016
I have always been fascinated by maps as a child, and could spend endless hours looking at the globe my parents got me as a present for my 5th birthday. I was so hooked on to it that my parents […]

NBA style Shot Charts in Power BI 11 Feb 2016
Recently, I created a NBA shot chart in Power BI as part of my entry to the Microsoft Power BI Best report contest and I had got a lot of questions on how I made the visual. So I decided […]

Custom Indicators in Power BI using Chiclet Slicers 06 Nov 2015
First of all, happy Friday! As we get ready to enjoy the weekend, I thought of noting down a quick tip on how to use the totally awesome Chiclet Slicer to display custom indicators in Power BI. If you are […]

Performance Problems with IF statement execution in SSAS Tabular 04 Nov 2015
Due to the high compression rates and stellar in-memory architecture of SSAS Tabular, most people with smaller models do not experience performance problems (in-spite of employing bad data modeling techniques and inefficient DAX measures).  However, as the size of your […]

Quick Intro to Power BI Visuals Gallery 19 Oct 2015
I don’t usually look forward to Mondays (especially after spending a very exhausting though rewarding weekend organizing SQL Saturday Charlotte), but then today was different. Amir Netz had already spoiled my weekend by putting out a teaser on Power BI […]