Architectural Patterns and practices SQL Azure

As a shared database infrastructure in the cloud, SQL Azure provides the opportunity for creating large workloads in a scalable and reliable environment. In this session we will cover:

  • The considerations you should take and describe the methodology we use to make these design decisions.
  • When to use a singleinstance, when to use federations, when to use table/blob storage to potentially offload historical data For these all important questions we will walk through a number of examples to show how we have made the trade-offs and why The techniques and methodology we use to monitor SQL Azure performance and describe how you can leverage your on-premise skills in the cloud.
Presented by Ewan Fairweather at SQLBits X
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    Ewan has worked for Microsoft for seven years. He currently works as a program manager in the Business Platform Division on the SQL Customer Advisory Team (SQLCAT) working on large scale OLTP SQL applications based in the UK.
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