Watch Brent Tune Queries

Ever wonder how someone else does it? There’s no right way or wrong way, but in this session, you can peer over Brent’s shoulder (virtually) while he takes a few Stack Overflow queries, tries various techniques to make them faster, and shows how he measures the before-and-after results.

You'll learn:
  • How to make sure you've got the right execution plan before you start
  • How to measure your changes as you tune the query
  • Why index changes should be the last thing you consider
  • What free tools make the process much easier
Presented by Brent Ozar at SQLBits XII
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    Slide deck available Slide Deck 17 MB
    Video available MP4 Video HD 526 MB
  • SpeakerBIO

    Brent Ozar specializes in making SQL Server faster and more reliable.

    He's a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and MVP, and he has over a decade of experience.  He coauthored Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting, created sp_Blitz® and sp_AskBrent®, and he loves sharing knowledge at
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