4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Revenge: The SQL Part 2: The Sequel!

In a world...where DBAs are blamed, mistreated, and overworked...one man...WILL. GET. EVEN. In this entertaining and impractical follow-up to the entertaining and impractical Revenge: The SQL, Rob Volk will show you even more impractical but oh-so-tempting ways to get back at those who abuse SQL Server and make you clean it up. Techniques will cover: preventing sa use, preventing ad-hoc SQL, cursors and missing WHERE clauses, and the ever-popular trigger mayhem. And if you stay for the after-credits sequence you may encounter the evil twins, duplicate primary keys!
Presented by Rob Volk at SQLBits XI
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    Rob Volk is a database administrator in the Atlanta, Georgia area since 2001, having worked in the wireless telecom, utility billing, and credit card processing industries.  He started using SQL Server with version 6.5 and is very glad to have upgraded since then. He has presented at several SQL Saturdays and user groups in the US, and looks forward to his American jokes falling flat with the UK audience, which may prompt a poor imitation of The Parrot Sketch. In his spare time he accomplishes more than he does on the job, just don't tell his boss.
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