Lego Sets: Relational Building Blocks

Do your eyes glaze over at the mention of tuples, domains, or even basic SQL terms? Have you moved to SQL Server from MS Access, or Excel, or other non-relational database products? This session will help explain the basics of set theory and relational theory using actual Lego blocks. We will illustrate terms and concepts such as joins, unions, and set-based operations, and how you can translate them into actual SQL. If you're an absolute beginner to SQL, or feel overwhelmed by the baggage of computer data models, or would just like to play with Legos, you'll both enjoy and learn something during this session.
Presented by Rob Volk at SQLBits X
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    Rob Volk is a database administrator in the Atlanta, Georgia area since 2001, having worked in the wireless telecom, utility billing, and credit card processing industries.  He started using SQL Server with version 6.5 and is very glad to have upgraded since then. He has presented at several SQL Saturdays and user groups in the US, and looks forward to his American jokes falling flat with the UK audience, which may prompt a poor imitation of The Parrot Sketch. In his spare time he accomplishes more than he does on the job, just don't tell his boss.
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