Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline is a renowned database expert and software industry veteran currently serving is the Director of Engineering Services at SQL Sentry, a leading vendor of database and business intelligence tools. A Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2004, Kevin was a founding board member and former president of PASS. He has written or co-written tweleve books including the best-selling SQL in a Nutshell.  Kevin contributes monthly columns to SQL Server Pro and DBTA magazines.  Kevin is a noted trainer and thought leader on IT leadership skills, database management technology and practices, and SQL Server performance tuning and optimization.  Kevin is a top-rated speaker at conferences worldwide. He is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at @kekline and blogs at

SQL injection can happen to you! But SQL injection is also very easy to prevent. Learn the ins and outs of SQL injection so that you don't become a victim.
SQL Injection attacks are one of the most common hacker tricks used on the web. Learn all about SQL Injection attacks in this perennially favorite session.
Tuning disk subsystems for optimal SQL Server performance is typically the domain of very experienced, enterprise DBAs. This session will short-cut you past years of hard-won experience straight to the essentials of IO tuning for SQL Server.
Microsoft SQL Server is one of the easiest database to setup and administrate. But that doesn't mean it's problem free. Find out the most common DBA mistakes on SQL Server so that you can make sure not to make them!
Attend this session to learn about 10 techniques that developers can apply to their code which will calm your DBAs’ fears and earn their admiration

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SQL Saturday Dublin and Pre-Conference Seminars 15 Sep 2014
It's just a few days until SQL Saturday Dublin, Ireland’s largest SQL Server conference, where I'm delivering a pre-conference seminar and sessions. The post SQL Saturday Dublin and Pre-Conference Seminars appeared first on Kevin Kline.

Kevin and the Ice Bucket Challenge 02 Sep 2014
Kevin takes the ice bucket challenge. And he's really whiny about it too. The post Kevin and the Ice Bucket Challenge appeared first on Kevin Kline.

Four New Slide Decks for SQL Server and IT Pros from the DevLink 2014 Conference 29 Aug 2014
Download updated slides on 'SQL Server Internals & Architecture', 'DBA Top 10 Mistakes on SQL Server', 'Ten SQL Coding Practices Every Dev Should Know', and 'Persuasion Techniques for IT Pros'. The post Four New Slide Decks for SQL Server and IT Pros from the DevLink 2014 Conference appeared ...

Third Party Applications and Other Acts of Violence Against Your SQL Server 12 Aug 2014
I just got finished reading a great blog post from my buddy, Thomas LaRock (t | b), in which he describes a useful personal policy he used to track changes made to his SQL Servers when installing third-party products. Note that I’m talking about line-of-business applications here – ...

MacGyver Moments 28 Jul 2014
In case you haven't heard, your MacGyver Moments are those times when you improvised an excellent solution to a problem using non-traditional materials, techniques, or tools... The post MacGyver Moments appeared first on Kevin Kline.