Andreas Wolter

Andreas Wolter is both a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) on SQL Server 2008 and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master Data Platform (MCSM) SQL Server 2012 and has also been awarded with the MVP for SQL Server. He is the founder of Sarpedon Quality Lab, a Germany-based company that specializes in Development and Optimization of SQL Server Database- and Datawarehouse-architectures with focus on performance and scalability as well as a special passion for security. With over a decade of experience with SQL Server he can be met at various international conferences and delivering training for the SQL Server Master-Class seminar-series held in Europe. You can follow him at Twitter at @AndreasWolter.

In this purely demo-based session, I will show several real-life attacks, from mere reading up to disrupting service availability via various types of manual and automated SQL Injection, including a broadly unknown elevation of privileges attack.
Extended Events are replacing the old SQL Trace & Profiler, and there are many good reasons for that. In this session I want to demonstrate to you some of the best features and possibilities of this Tracing Framework.
Security is one of the top topics for the new release of SQL Server. A total of 3 completely new features are coming to us: Always Encrypted, Dynamic Data Masking and Row Level Security.

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Index-Cheat-Sheet. The complete Index-compatibility Matrix for SQL Server 01 Aug 2016
(DE) Mit dem Aufkommen der Columnstore Technologie und auch der In-Memory Technologie in SQL Server 2014 sind insgesamt 4 neue Indextypen zu den althergebrachten page-basierten hinzugekommen. Wo es früher nur die Auswahl an „Clustered oder Non-Clustered“ (Deutsch auch ...

The SQL Server 2016 In-Memory Evolution – from row-store to columnstore to in-memory operational analytics 01 Jul 2016

SQL Server 2016 general availability and Feature-Support // allgemeine Verfügbarkeit und Feature-Support 01 Jun 2016
  (DE) Es ist soweit: Der neue SQL Server, in meinen Augen das beste Release seit vielen, wenn nicht gar überhaupt, ist allgemein verfügbar. (Blog-Artikel von Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Data Group, Microsoft) Die Built-Nummer ist 12.0.1601.5. (EN) Finally: The new ...

Konferenzen im SQL Server Sommer 2016 – Conferences in SQL Server summer 2016 17 May 2016

Sarpedon Quality Lab presenting SQL Server 2016 In-Memory and Security Features in Arabia at SQL Gulf 3 15 Apr 2016
مرحبا (“MARR-hah-bah”, Arabic: Hello) This year takes me to yet another part of the world: I have been invited to speak at THE SQL Server Conference in the Middle East: at SQL Gulf 3 taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on April 23rd. I feel very much ...