Performance Tuning Large Analysis Services Cubes

If you have any Analysis Services cube, you'll know how important it is to properly design, set up and tune the cube.  This session explains how to appropriately deal with dimension design and hierarchy relationships, cube partitioning, how to deal with many-to-many relationships and how to design aggregations which take advantage of all the design decisions you've made in order to wring out every last drop of performance from your cube.

Inspired by a recent journey to the shores of a one terabyte cube, the session includes code demonstrations as well as lots of practical tips which you can take away and put into real-life usage.

Presented by Duncan Sutcliffe at SQLBits VIII
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    I'm a senior architect for Microsoft business intelligence solutions at Hitachi Consulting, working with clients such as the Bank of England, Sky, Experian Footfall and the NHS.  WIth a good twelve years or more designing BI solutions under my belt, I am keen on architecture design, development frameworks and very high quality code.  Although I work with all the SQL Server products including PerformancePoint and PowerPivot, my real specialties are physical and logical architecture, performance tuning, SSIS and SSAS design.

    I've spoken at the London user group as well as at various Microsoft events, maintain a blog, and am an active professional consultant.
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