Report Builder 3

Report Builder 3 is part of SQL Server 2008 R2, lots of new stuff to make reporting even easier than before for you and your user community. Maps are now in there and there and you can save parts of your rpoert for others to use, , but I'm going to keep my poweder dry and just show the best feature  on the day!
Presented by Andrew Fryer at SQLBits V
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    I am a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft UK specialising in data . I got interested in large databases while at HM Customs in the nineties as part of the move to intelligence led resourcing, but another inititive namely outsourcing meant that career no2 was in the in the private sector working for a number of gold partners, before joining Microsoft 8 years ago. I got into SQL Server in v6 and have used this platform almost exclusively since then for a wide variety of clients from tiny breweries to global banks. Now I am at Microsoft I work on proof of concepts currently around the Cortana Analytics Suite like Machine Learning and Data Lake.
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