Making the leap into Advanced SQL

There are three major features in SQL Server that are usually under used or not used optimally; these are - a) Derived Tables, b) Common Table Expressions and c) The CASE expression. In this session I look at the in's and out's of each feature from basics right through to advanced techniques and considerations.
Presented by Tony Rogerson at SQLBits II
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    In the 24 years of his IT career Tony has had experience in a number of languages, first on the IBM mainframe with Application System, PL/1, CICS, DB2 and System W. In 1995 he moved to the Client/Server platform adding Visual Basic, C++ and Oracle to his experience; over the past 17 years beginning with 4.21 he has focused on Microsoft SQL Server. Today he works as a freelance database specialist and is studying for an MSc in Business Intelligence.
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