Stephanie Locke

Steph Locke wants to live in a world where everyone she encounters enjoys their jobs and is awesome. Since she's gifted with the inability to be daunted by a task, she's using her unbounded perkiness to bring awesomeness to the people. Living the dream as a data scientist, Steph spends her days getting value out of data and engineering solutions. When she’s not doing exceedingly fun stuff during the day, you can probably find her doing exceedingly fun stuff at a community event.  She runs three user groups in Cardiff and supports a number of others. As well as enjoying helping increase awesomeness locally, she's also tackling the task nationally! A veteran organiser of SQL Relay, Steph runs the Cardiff event growing it year on year, and has taken stints running the marketing, sponsorship and the whole conference to help bring more knowledge to the masses. She's now also helping to grow the R community with the development of satRdays. If it's not an event she's organised, then she's at someone else's event where they've been crazy enough to let her talk or help out at. EARL, SQLBits, SQL Relay and SQL Saturday organisers have all let Steph speak and help out, and most recently she was made a Microsoft Data Platform MVP recognising her gift of the gab and willingness to help out.

R was originally for doing stats, but it now does database CRUD, reporting, documentation, and even websites. It can be awkward to know where to start, so this session fast tracks you to the sections you need to know about.
Need a snazzy dashboarding tool, and want it free or cheap? With a modicum of R and Linux knowledge, you can make interactive realtime dashboards for free that can be used in any web browser. Learn how in this session.
There's base R, modern R, the Hadleyverse, R in SQL, and more - understanding where to begin can be an exercise in frustration and cost you valuable time. This session takes you through the R you need to be productive quickly.

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Slack all the things! 21 Oct 2016
OK, if you haven’t heard of it before Slack is kinda like IRC, kinda like Dropbox, kinda like a lot of things – it’s a neat place to bring together communications between your team or community, and the integrations allow you to pipe in external feeds like twitter activity or RSS. ...

Stepping down from SQL Relay 13 Oct 2016
Some folks may already know, but I handed in my resignation from SQL Relay as sponsorship lead and Cardiff organiser. Over my time in SQL Relay, I’ve helped deliver 30 conferences. I’ve attended about 15 of those! Being able to deliver so much learning to people all around the country ...

Unit testing in SSDT – a quick intro 10 Oct 2016
This post will give you a quick run-through of adding tSQLt to an existing database project destined for Azure SQL DB. This basically covers unit testing in SSDT and there is a lot of excellent info out there, so this focuses on getting you through the initial setup as quickly as possible. This ... now with added locks 07 Oct 2016
This blog now has some extra locks, these are in the URL bar! It took my fantastic hosters WPEngine a little longer than I would have preferred to get a modern SSL policy. Now that they have, they did it in their typically awesome fashion. You can request a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate ...

2016 PASS Board of Directors Candidate Town Halls 06 Oct 2016
It’s PASS Board of Directors elections again! After a number of twitter discussions last week about the applicability of PASS outside of the US and what I think PASS is good and bad at, I thought I would engage the process instead of just being a complainy-pants. I attended all 6 town hall ...