4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London


Adam Machanic

Adam Machanic is a Boston-based SQL Server developer, writer, and speaker. He focuses on large-scale data warehouse performance and development, and is author of the award-winning SQL Server monitoring stored procedure, sp_WhoIsActive. Adam has written for numerous web sites and magazines, including SQLblog, Simple Talk, Search SQL Server, SQL Server Professional, CoDe, and VSJ. He has also contributed to several books on SQL Server, including "SQL Server 2008 Internals" (Microsoft Press, 2009) and "Expert SQL Server 2005 Development" (Apress, 2007). Adam regularly speaks at conferences and training events on a variety of SQL Server topics. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SQL Server, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and an alumnus of the INETA North American Speakers Bureau.
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Are your big queries using every available clock tick, or are they lagging behind? And if your queries are already going parallel, can they be rewritten for even greater speed? In this session you will learn how to take full advantage of parallelism.
Large, complex queries need memory in which to work--workspace memory--and understanding the how's, when's, and why's of this memory can help you create queries that run in seconds rather than minutes.
Attend this session to learn how to take charge of optimization, expertly mold your query plans, and gain a new set of tools for eliminating bottlenecks in even your most complex problem queries.

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Test for a warning message using Pester 05 Mar 2015
Here’s a little ditty that’s worth throwing out (if nothing else so that I can find it later), if you’re not using Pester to test your PowerShell code then this post probably isn’t for you. If you’re not using PowerShell stop reading now. I wanted to write a Pester test that tested whether or not ...

Suggest Compression Strategies for Tables and Indexes 05 Mar 2015
I make no secret of the fact that I think that table compression was the best thing added to SQL Server 2008. It seems like every week that I’m talking to clients about it. They have Enterprise Edition but they weren’t using it because they were familiar with O/S level disk compression and they ...

Rebuild Partitioned Clustered Columnstore Indexes 05 Mar 2015
A short time back, I provided an updated script that can be used to rebuild clustered columnstore indexes when necessary. One thing that wasn’t covered by that script was the ability to only individual index partitions. Below, I’ve provided an updated version of the script that will rebuild only ...

ICYMI: the Halloween Problem and DBCC CheckConstraints - SQL Server Performance 02 Mar 2015
Cool and informative articles about SQL Server performance relating to IO caused by the DBCC CheckConstraints command and exploring the infamous Halloween Problem....(read more)

SAN Configuration Performance Problems 02 Mar 2015
The charts provided here illustrates my complaints against SAN vendor doctrine, obstinately adhering to the concept of one large pool of disks from which all volumes are created for any purpose (data, log, and junk). There is no consideration for the radically different characteristics of hard ...