DBAs vs Developers-The FINAL SHOWDOWN

You've heard the complaints before:
  • Developers run queries against YOUR databases and cause YOU issues.
  • DBA's block all your requests and slow down your progress then enforce silly conventions on you.
  • Developers think it's SO easy to write queries - if only they knew.
  • DBA's think it's SO easy to write code - if only they knew.
  • Developers don't ever think about NULL's and what grief it gives us DBA's.
  • DBA's don't ever think about NULL's and what grief it gives us Developers.
  • And so on... we're both as bad as one another!

We'll have a bit of a laugh in this session and poke fun at one another with the aim of better understanding some of the underlying reasons that each discipline appears to be making insane decisions purely and simply to spite us (gits) and the impacts this has on the other.

Presented by Phil Winstanley at SQLBits VIII
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