The (Geospatial) Shapes of Things to Come

The increase in the amount of spatial data created and consumed has created a demand for storage of spatial data within the database. While SQL makes it seem easy to work with spatial data, the odd shape of the earth, alternative projection systems and various spatial indexing algorithms mean that working with spatial data requires a bit of background knowledge and some understanding of the domain.  This session introduces database professionals to spatial data concepts so that they can be better prepared to implement geospatial solutions.
Presented by Simon Munro at SQLBits VII
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    Simon Munro is a Senior Practice Consultant with EMC Consulting.  Currently doing solution architecture on the Microsoft stack, Simon has spent more than fifteen years straddling the line between application and database development.  Over the years he has worked on a wide range of database solutions from transactional to data warehouse and various volumes and loads.
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