Extending SSIS with custom Data Flow components

Get some real-world insights into developing data flow components for SSIS. This starts with an introduction to the data flow pipeline engine, and explains the real differences between adapters and the three sub-types of transformation. Understanding how the different types of component behave and manage data is key to writing components of your own, and probably should but be required knowledge for anyone building packages at all. Using sample code throughout, I will show you how to write components, as well as highlighting best practice and lessons learned.
Presented by Darren Green at SQLBits II
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    Darren is an independent consultant specialising in data solutions with SQL Server. Having been working with SQL Server from 6.5 onwards he has extensive experience in many aspects of SQL Server, but now focuses on solving problems with SQL Server and SSIS.
    http://www.konesans.com http://www.sqlis.com/sqlis/syndication.axd?author=Darren%20Green
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