4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Troubleshooting SQL Server using the default trace

As most DBAs will be only too aware of, it's not a lot of fun identifying the cause of production issues against a server that has not had any formal diagnostics or tracing running against it, but all is not lost.

Starting back in SQL Server 2005 the default trace quietly gathers data on key events which can be vital in resolving or at least narrowing down production issues.

Don't believe the bad press this great little tool has been given to date, because in this session we'll go through multiple examples which are based on real world scenarios where I have used the default trace to resolve a number of issues; we'll go through resolving problems as diverse as failed logins and tempdb filling up to identifying who made server configuration changes and DDL changes.

After this session you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to fully exploit the default trace and look at it in a whole new light!
Presented by Ajmer Dhariwal at SQLBits XII
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    Ajmer Dhariwal is a SQL Server consultant with nearly 20 years experience in the IT industry having worked for the likes of Microsoft and Sybase. After several years working in the financial sector in London he has relocated to the North-East to set up his own consultancy specialising in all things related to Microsoft SQL Server, with a particular focus on performance tuning and optimisation.
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