Deep-Dive to Analysis Services Security

The Session will cover all advanced topics that you need to know about
when developing high complex security solutions for your SSAS database. Those
topics include cross-level dimension security, multiple role combinations and
foremost dynamic security setups. All of them are designed for different
business requirements but no solution fits them all. The different approaches
will be examined on their impact on caching, connection time and also
maintenance and in the end you probably understand why it can sometimes make
sense to have 2000+ dynamic roles in your SSAS cube! A major part of the
session will be dedicated to dynamic security using SSAS assemblies. Especially
for complex requirements this is often the last hope. This session will guide
you through the most common and uncommon pitfalls that you will encounter and
show how to work around them.
Presented by Gerhard Brueckl at SQLBits XII
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    I have been working with Microsoft BI tools since mid 2006 thereby mainly focusing on Microsoft SQL Server and its components, primary Analysis Services. In 2012 I achieved the SSAS Maestro certification and also received the Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) award the second time in a row. With the release of SQL Server 2012 and Power BI I started shifting my focus towards there, especially to Power Pivot and DAX thereby also investigating into SSAS Tabular Models in detail. At about the same time I did my first steps with Windows Azure while trying to combine it with the other technologies I am by now already very familiar with.
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