4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Data Mining-a path to understanding

Data mining is a technique used to derive previously unknown information from large amounts of data. The process of this knowledge discovery can help uncover new patterns within data and help analysts better understand the large data sets. Additionally, once these patterns have been defined, you can use them as part of predictive modeling estimating the likelihood of some event occurring.

SQL Server Analysis Services includes a data mining engine that can be used at various levels within an organization, from analyst to developer. This session will look at data mining as a method of data investigation for the business analyst and developer.  We examine the business case, requirements and outcomes of data mining so that it can enhance our understanding of data sets. We will look at both simple and complex implementations of data mining that allow new information to be extracted from
data and used in novel ways.
Presented by Paul te Braak at SQLBits XII
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    Paul te Braak is the principle consultant of abaX Data and has over a decade of experience in delivering reporting and business intelligence solutions across a variety of verticals.  This experience includes systems auditing, planning and business simulation models that predict activity through heuristic rules imbedded into the model.  He holds several qualifications including MCT, CA, MIT, MComm.

    http://www.paultebraak.wordpress.com http://paultebraak.wordpress.com/feed/
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