Managing change in the database world

Databases, like applications, evolve. However, unlike applications, databases can be modified directly. This is like modifying an application via a hex editor. In this session Andras will contrast the two most common database development styles: working on a live database directly vs. working with creation SQL scripts. He will show some of his own techniques and chosen tools to display how to avoid some change related problems, to manage database changes and to set up source control for databases.
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    András Belokosztolszki is a software architect at Red Gate Software Ltd. He is a frequent speaker at many UK user groups. He is primarily interested in database internals and change management. At Red Gate he has designed and led the development of many database tools that compare schemata and enable source control for databases (SQL Compare versions 4 to 8), refactor databases (SQL Refactor) and show the history of databases by analyzing the transaction log (SQL Log Rescue). András has a PhD from Cambridge and an MSc and BSc from ELTE, Hungary.
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