Milos Radivojevic

Milos Radivojevic is a database developer and consultant, speaker, and trainer located in Vienna, Austria. He has been working with SQL Server over 12 years. He is Microsoft SQL Server MVP and MCT and specializes in SQL Server for application developers and performance and query tuning. Currently he works as senior database developer in (the largest regulated online gaming company in the world) where he works with some of the largest SQL Server databases. He is co-leader of the SQL Server PASS Austria. He is a speaker in international conferences (SQLBits, SQL Saturday, SQLU Summit) and speaks regularly at SQL Server PASS Austria meetings. He has developed two courses: SQL Server For Application Developers and (for SolidQ) SQL Server 2012 for Experienced Developers and DBAs (Co-author with Herbert Albert and Gianluca Hotz). His Twitter handle is @MilosSQL.

In this presentation it will be clarified when and why parameter sniffing is a problem in SQL Server stored procedures. Of course we will offer several solutions for this problem and discuss which solution is applicable in which scenario.
In this section we will show how to avoid performance problems caused by poor query design (functions in WHERE clause, data type conversions…) and explain how local variables and parameters affect the generation of execution plan.
SQL Server optimizer doesn't use and index seek for execution of your query although the query is high selective? What is better, when and why: LIKE vs: SUBSTRING, IN vs. EXISTS, SUBQUERY vs. JOIN. Why you should not use the UPPER or LOWER functions?
In this session we will advice how to avoid common developer mistakes and show how bad designed queries reduce the SQL Server optimizer's capabilities for choosing an optimal execution plan.
Your stored procedure is slow in the application, but works perfect in SSMS! In this presentation it will be clarified why this happens and we will offer several solutions for this problem and discuss which solution is applicable in which scenario.

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Beyond Statistics Histogram Part 4 – Significant Performance Regression in SQL Server 2014 16 Mar 2015
In the previous articles we’ve covered differences in estimations between the old and new CE related to queries that use predicates with literals which values are beyond the statistics histogram. We saw some issues with key ascending columns in SQL Server 2012 which can be solved with the trace ...

Hurry up: SQLSaturday und Pre-Con diesen Freitag bzw. Samstag 25 Feb 2015
Diesen Samstag, 28.02.2015 ist es endlich soweit: die 2. SQLSaturday Konferenz findet in Wien statt. Der SQLSaturday ist eine ganztägige, technische Konferenz und Trainings-Veranstaltung mit internationalen Vortragenden und über 20 Vorträgen rund um SQL Server. Hier geht es zur KOSTENFREIEN ...

Speaking in Lisbon at SQLSaturday Portugal 15 Feb 2015
I’ am really excited to back as a speaker to my favorite SQL Saturday event – Sql Saturday Portugal in Lisbon. The SqlSat 369 will be my fourth event in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am happy to see all my Portuguese friends feat. world wide freinds from Sqlfamily. My ...

SQL Server Konferenz 2015 – Slide Decks and Sample Code 05 Feb 2015
I had a great time in Darmstadt, on  the largest SQL Server conference in the German speaking area “SQL Konferenz 2015“. I was very happy to see a lot of people in the room for my session SQL Server 2014 and Ascending Key Problem in Large Tables and want to thank all the attendees. It ...

Speaking at SQLBits Superheroes 15 Jan 2015
I am glad to be selected to present an extended version of one of my favorite sessions at SQLBits Superheroes in London (4th – 7th March 2015) about parameter sniffing.