Mark Broadbent

Speaker Abstract: Mark Broadbent is a SQL Server MCM and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with more than 17 years of experience working with SQL Server and owner of SQLCloud, a consultancy specialising in concurrency control and highly available solutions. He is the founder of the UK's SQLSaturday Cambridge (its first and largest), SharePoint Saturday Cambridge and East Anglia SQL Server User Group -an official PASS Chapter.

Mark also runs the Hybrid Virtual Chapter and is a founding member of SQL Nexus -an international SQL Server focused event.

Mark has presented at over 50 events around the world and is a strong supporter of the Global IT Community.

Generalize your skills so you can specialize on SQL Server.
Are you uncomfortable with the idea of SQL Server Clustering? Do you currently use it and are scared to go near your Clustered Instances and their physical hosts? Stop worrying and learn the "Dark Art" of SQL Server Cluster administration.
In this session we will investigate SQL Server concurrency and reveal some very surprising and thought provoking behaviors.
In this session we shall demonstrate configuration, installation and administration of SQL Server 2012 on Server 2008R2 Core. We shall discuss Command line and PowerShell configuration, Installation of SQL, Remote Administration and Clustering.
Upgrading SQL Server is one of the most challenging and risky operations that you will perform as a DBA. Make the wrong move, and you could be heading for the exit. In this diverse session, we'll take an in-depth look at moving to SQL Server 2012.
Has your SQL Server or Databases been taken over by a malevolent force? Worry not, for we shall open the pages of The Necronomicon, SQL Server Book of the Dead, and through its Ancient scripture and verse resurrect them back to life.
Welcome to the strange and mysterious world of SQL Server Failover Clustering and enter Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe where we will reveal a miscellany of top tips, tricks and advice gained from nearly two decades of installing and troubleshooting
Enter the world of SQL Server concurrency to experience the age old problem of Locking, Blocking and Deadlocking. Let's investigate pessimistic isolation and whether optimistic concurrency could be the answer to all our problems or the last resort.

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