Marco Schreuder

Runs the consulting firm IN2BI ( dedicated to helping companies get the most out of their investment in Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. His field of interest is broad and ranges from presenting relevant information in dashboards and reports to efficiently collecting data in data warehouses.

He is the architect behind the following BI products:

- Webdashboard from his previous company In Summa (

- Het DWH Deck from IN2BI.

In this session you'll get a good introduction of the concepts and advantages of Biml as we walk to the creation of Meta Data Driven SSIS Solution.

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Change Data Capture (CDC) and BIML 03 Dec 2014
Change Data Capture (CDC) is an enterprise feature of SQL Server since version 2008. 12 It's a non not very intrusive way to collect only the changes in selected tables of your source system.3 And thus providing a way to effectively handle your data warehouse load. Integration Services (SSIS) and ...

Truncate all Tables 28 Jul 2014
There are many reasons for me to blog. One of the less vain is to recover and reuse code I wrote earlier. In my current project we have a need to test, test and retest the initial load of the data warehouse. For this purpose I wrote this T-SQL script that: Drops all foreign key constraints; ...

Viewing or Saving the Compiled Biml File(s) 21 Jul 2014
Some time ago a BIML enthusiast asked me for the location of the temporary files that BIDSHelper create when you generate the SSIS packages in BIDSHelper. I couldn't help him and explained that the Biml Engine first compiles the Biml documents,  applying any BimlScript in memory and then ...

Building a data warehouse while the source systems are still in development 04 May 2014
Some years ago the client of a contractor I worked for made some major investments in their IT-landscape. They replaced their ERP - and CRM system and of course BI/Reporting was part of the acceptance criteria for the new system. It was a big project and a disaster! ERP, CRM and BI consultants from ...

Many Happy User Peaks 02 Jan 2014
I wrote this blog post in august 2012, but somehow I forgot to post it. At the start of 2014 I wish every one many happy user peaks and wisdom in creating them… Recently I have been involved in converting a business intelligence (dashboard) web application. Making it more suitable for tablets and ...