4th - 7th May 2016



Gerhard Brueckl

Gerhard has been working with Microsoft BI tools since 2006 mainly focusing on Microsoft SQL Server and its components. As a consultant and architect he designed various enterprise BI solutions primary in the German-speaking areas. His personal interest has always been on analytical databases and their capabilities. In 2012 he achieved the SSAS Maestro certification. He is also very active in the community, has its own blog and speaks at conferences all over the world on a regular basis.
http://blog.gbrueckl.at/ http://blog.gbrueckl.at/feed/
Gerhard Brueckl has submitted 3 sessions for SQLBits XV, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Power BI offers many neat features out of the box which are already powerful on their own but where Power BI really shines is its extensibility! My talk is all about extending Power BI in various ways like data integration or visualization.
This session is all about Polybase in SQL Server 2016! Starting off with some basic information and demos we will soon find ourselves in the depths of SQL Server, Polybase, Hadoop and also Windows Azure.
This session is about the various experiences that I made while implementing SSAS Tabular models in enterprise environments over the last years. I will cover all classical steps of BI project: design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Previous Sessions

This session targets SSAS developers that are already dealing with complex security solutions on a regular basis and want to get more insights on what actually happens inside SSAS when the different kinds of security are applied to their model.
SAP HANA is ubiquitous nowadays and its market share is growing steadily. But being foremost a backend technology opens the trail for other frontend tools like Office 365 &Power BI. How to combine these two technologies will be shown in the session.

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