Data Mining and SSIS - makes sense

Being able to analyse your data with a predictive technology such as MS SQL Server 2008 data mining can open up new views on your data.  Being able to understand whether a customer will react to a campaign or know whether you have the right level of staff on at the roght times in your help desk could be a real winner for your business.  Come to my session and we will put the two technologies together and hopefully you will discover something new to do with SSIS.
Presented by Allan Mitchell at SQLBits IV
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    elastIO focusses on search and data integration. Text data is increasing at an incredible rate.  Being able to derive meaning and intelligence from free text is hard but necessary if businesses are to get any ROI from things such as weblogs.  Search can offer your users a much better experience over your websites enabling them to find the things they need quicker. We have extensive experience in elasticSearch, SolR and Azure Search. Data will always need to flow from one place to another.  This could be the overnight batch job which takes data from an OLTP system and puts it into a Data Warehouse having first done some cleansing and conforming or it could be the sensors on your machinery in the warehouse which are constantly emitting data and you need to reason over those events and perhaps take action. We are experts in SSIS, Azure Streaming Analytics, Storm, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Factory   
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