Small Problem - Simple Solution: Lookup Tables

Statistics say “25 – 30 % of all tables for an application are lookup tables”. Whether you are working on a “small” or “big” application it is worth analysing this problem and try to generalise the solution. Saving developer’s time is saving money, less code means less bugs, code once and reuse the code through the application(s). I’ll show you my thinking about this problem and give you some examples you can use in your applications. You can, of course change the code, improve it and modify the solution in any way.
Presented by Predrag Bosnic at SQLBits III
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    Predrag Bosnic started his IT journey in 1979 using UNIVAC 1100, Fortran and Mapper. For the next 20 years he visited the world of PC, dBase, Clipper and Fox. During the last 14 years he has been working with SQL Server and .Net maintaining his passion for databases and software development. He is a Software Development Manager, conference speaker and author of a dozen technical articles.
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