4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Understanding probabilistic theory a.k.a. statistics

In this session you will understand how statistics are used by Query Optimizer to create an optimal execution plan. Learn how to read an histogram and how to optimize the accuracy of the estimation. Understand how to fix some problems like statistical correlations, missing statistics, gap in statistics, wrong estimations. Also you will understand: density, fooling statistics, auto update statistics, filtered statistics and date correlation optimization.
Are the “Estimated number of Rows“ estimating too much? Understand here how it was estimated and give a new meaning to the word “estimated”.
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    Fabiano is fascinated by the SQL Server Query Processor and the way it works to optimize queries, procedures and functions. Actually Fabiano works in a Brazilian company called Sr.Nimbus as a SQL Server consulting, he also is a SQL Server MVP, MCP for SQL Server 2000, MCTS and MCITP DBD/DBA/BI. His blog is on http://blogfabiano.com you can fallow him on twitter: @mcflyamorim

    http://blogfabiano.com http://blogfabiano.com/feed/
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