4th - 7th May 2016



Matan Yungman

Matan Yungman is a SQL Server MVP, a senior consultant and the professional manager at Madeira Data Solutions. He has been working with SQL Server since 2002, and today he spends his time consulting, mentoring, teaching and speaking about SQL Server. Matan also co-hosts SQL Server Radio, a podcast for SQL Server professionals. He is passionate about SQL Server, technology and the SQL Server community.

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Matan Yungman has submitted 2 sessions for SQLBits XV, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Today, the Microsoft data stack includes much more than just SQL Server. With Azure as its front line, Microsoft pushes new technologies for all sorts of needs. Join this session to get an understanding of those technologies and when to use them.
The SQL Server optimizer is very smart and can generate good execution plans for fairly complex queries. However, it does have its limits, and sometimes we have to adjust our queries in order to help it make better decisions.

Previous Sessions

The plan cache is one of SQL Server's fundamental components. Getting to know it can take you a few steps ahead in optimizing your system. In this session we will demonstrate ways the Plan Cache can help us identify performance problems.
It's 18:00 o'clock on Friday. You execute a process that usually takes a few minutes and start packing in order to start the weekend. You are already with your bag on your back, but the process doesn't finish. What should you do now?
Microsoft has a famous whitepaper called "The Data Loading Performance Guide". On this session, we will turn the whitepaper into a presentation and see a few advanced ways to boost your data loading processes.

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