Gary Short

Gary Short works for Developer Express as the Technical Evangelist on the frameworks team. He has a deep interest in technical architecture, especially in the areas of technical debt and refactoring. Gary is a C# MVP and gives presentations at events throughout the UK.

Why is NoSQL becoming a real player in the database market? Attend this session and find out.
In this session I’ll show you how to maintain security and development rigour whilst allowing the developers to use ORM tools.

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The Deadly Sins of Social Media Analysts 05 May 2015
In case you haven’t heard, there’s a general election coming up here in the UK. This has caused a spike in the number of analysis I’m seeing from social media companies, a large number of them containing some horrific “sins … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 30 Twitter Analysis 30 Apr 2015
This is the analysis for Wednesday 30th April 2015. There’s two stand out items on the chart today, the first being that #UKIP are in number 3 spot, and the second is the continuing rise of #SNPOUT. The more the … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 29 Twitter Analysis 29 Apr 2015
Welcome to the analysis for Tuesday 28th April 2015. Let’s jump straight in by looking at the hashtag chart: As we enter the last stages of the election, all the parties are making their mark on the chart, with the … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 28 Twitter Analysis 28 Apr 2015
After my little break it’s time to get back on to the analysis for Monday 27th April 2015, starting with the hashtag chart: All the parties (bar the Greens) are represented on the chart today; looks like they are finally … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 22 Twitter Analysis 22 Apr 2015
After yesterday’s detour to look at the party’s manifestos, we return today to looking at the Twitter stream for Tuesday 21st April 2015; starting with the Hashtag Chart: The SNP and Labour continue the trend of topping the chart. The … Continue reading →