Non-Functional Dependencies - A talktorial on getting performance and scalability right through proper Database Design and understanding Set and Relational theory

Bad performance is often systemic of poor queries which are systemic of bad schema design which is systemic of non-relational thinking which is systemic of project time constraints and lack of understanding of Database Design. In this talk/tutorial I'll work my way through Normalisation, we'll look at the Relation Model and how to think in sets - it's very important; throughout I'll be referring to Codd and Date's teachings. Theory aside I'll do all my demonstrations in SQL Server - concurrency, indexing, good T-SQL practices and advice.
Presented by Tony Rogerson at SQLBits VI
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    In the 24 years of his IT career Tony has had experience in a number of languages, first on the IBM mainframe with Application System, PL/1, CICS, DB2 and System W. In 1995 he moved to the Client/Server platform adding Visual Basic, C++ and Oracle to his experience; over the past 17 years beginning with 4.21 he has focused on Microsoft SQL Server. Today he works as a freelance database specialist and is studying for an MSc in Business Intelligence.
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