Azure SQL DB - Running a cloud database service at scale

In this talk, I will share my experience in creating and running Azure SQL Database, a large cloud scale service powered by SQL Server technologies.   This presentation will provide an outline of the scenarios and requirements for a database service and then take you on a journey through the core concepts and capabilities.  You will learn how you might address these needs with SQL Server in an on-premise environment and then take a deep dive "under the bonnet“ to see how the Azure DB system is actually delivered.    The presentation will conclude with discussion on a number of interesting challenges we've solved delivering this service and how this work flows value back to core SQL Server offerings.  
This presentation is targeted at SQL Server practitioners interested in learning more about Azure SQL Database and will provide them with working knowledge of the what/why and an outline of the internals of the system.
Presented by Nigel Ellis at SQLBits XII
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    Nigel Ellis is a Distinguished Engineer in the Database Systems Group at Microsoft.   He leads development for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server relational database technologies.  His passion extends to all things data and ensuring the delivery of trustworthy, highly reliable data storage systems.  Nigel joined Microsoft in 1993 where he initially focused on desktop database software and later moved to work on the SQL Server 6.5 development team.   He has worked on all aspects of SQL Server development and was one of the founding members of the Azure SQL Database project.   Nigel enjoys being hands-on in all details of the product and service lifecycle.  He is passionate about problems most people would rather avoid and has found his match in the Services space.    A native of the United Kingdom, Nigel obtained his degree in Computer Science at University College, Durham in England.   Outside of work, Nigel enjoys travelling with his wife Lynn, mountain biking, backcountry hiking and eating smoking hot Thai or Indian food.
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