4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

The PoSh DBA: Grown-Up PowerShell Functions

There comes a time after you’ve got used to using PowerShell to automate your DBA chores that you look at all those PowerShell functions you’ve written, and feel slightly dissatisfied. You realize, although everything works, you could, be using PowerShell in way that is more easily enhanced, reused and
maintained. With some fairly simple techniques, our PowerShell functions can become more reusable. They can be made to behave much more like the built-in cmdlets that are provided with PowerShell.
You will, for example, want your functions to participate in pipelines, so that you can use filters, sort the order, group objects, write out the data and take advantage of other useful PowerShell facilities. You’d probably benefit from other features of cmdlets such as standard parameters, debug, ‘whatIf’, and command-line Help. This session will be explaining how these features can help with scripting.
Presented by Laerte Junior at SQLBits XI
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    Laerte Junior is a Wuindows PowerShell MVP ,Database Consultant at Pythian Group and, through through his technology blog and simple-talk articles, an an active member of the SQL Server and PowerShell community around the World. He is a skilled Principal Database Architect, Developer, and Administrator, specializing in SQL Server and PowerShell Programming and Automation. He also is PASS Virtual Chapter Mentor , Co-Lead of the PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter and former PASS Regional Mentor for Brasil. In addition He is also a HUGE Star Wars Fan, his main skill. "May The Force be with us"
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