4th - 7th March 2015

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Robert L Davis

Robert L Davis is a SQL Server 2008 Certified Master and an experienced Database Administrator, SQL Server evangelist, speaker, writer, and trainer. He has worked with SQL Server for more than 13 years, and recently started his own consulting company, SQL DBA Master. He recently served as a Sr. Product Consultant and Chief SQL Server Evangelist for Idera Software. Prior to that he served as Program Manager for the SQL Server Certified Master Program and as a production DBA at Microsoft. Robert helped found the PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter, was the primary author of "Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring," and was a Charter Member of the Idera ACEs program. He often speaks at SQL Server events and writes articles and product reviews for SQL Server Magazine. Robert is married, has two German Shepherds, and is an avid writer, blogging about SQL Server at http://www.SQLSoldier.com and writing horror fiction. You can find him on Twitter as @SQLSoldier.
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Performance Counters: Why It Depends 18 Aug 2014
When you’re working through some vague performance issues (e.g., “SQL Server seems slow today”), one of the common things to do is to collect some performance counters. If you are collecting performance counters for the first time on the server, you don’t have anything to ...

Speaking at SQL PASS Summit 2014 29 Jun 2014
I am honored to be selected to deliver 2 sessions at the SQL PASS Summit 2014. I will be delivering a half day session on administering BI systems and a regular session on techniques for indexing. If you were selected to speak this year, congratulations. I look forward to attending many of your ...

Size Matters: 2 Products to Accelerate SQL Traffic 07 May 2014
I talked previously about network pipelines and how to get the most out of a fat network in the post Network Packet Size: to Fiddle With or Not to Fiddle With. If you need to move large amounts of data and have a network infrastructure that can support a larger then normal packet size, you … ...

Why is Your SQL Server Slow? All-for-one and One-for-all 14 Feb 2014
I have one more thing I want to talk about regarding the conversation I had recently with my friends and former colleagues at Idera about the things that slow down SQL Server. Another “quick performance wins” you can take advantage of is segregating the types of files SQL Server uses. ...

Why is Your SQL Server Slow? Here’s a Hint 11 Feb 2014
I was talking recently with my friends and former colleagues at Idera about the things that slow down SQL Server. Specifically, the discussion was about things that people could change without a lot of trouble to make their SQL Server run faster. I like to use the phrase “quick performance ...