Gary Short

Gary Short works for Developer Express as the Technical Evangelist on the frameworks team. He has a deep interest in technical architecture, especially in the areas of technical debt and refactoring. Gary is a C# MVP and gives presentations at events throughout the UK.

Why is NoSQL becoming a real player in the database market? Attend this session and find out.
In this session I’ll show you how to maintain security and development rigour whilst allowing the developers to use ORM tools.

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UK General Election Day 22 Twitter Analysis 22 Apr 2015
After yesterday’s detour to look at the party’s manifestos, we return today to looking at the Twitter stream for Tuesday 21st April 2015; starting with the Hashtag Chart: The SNP and Labour continue the trend of topping the chart. The … Continue reading →

2015 General Election Party Manifesto Analysis 21 Apr 2015
Now that all the parties have their manifestos out, let’s have a look and see what a word and trigram frequency analysis shows us. The Conservatives Looking at the most common three word collocations, it’s clear that the main message … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 20 Twitter Analysis 20 Apr 2015
This is the election analysis for Sunday April 19 2015. Let’s get started with the hashtag chart: Sunday mornings in the UK are given over to politics on the main TV channels, and as you can see from the tag … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 19 Twitter Analysis 19 Apr 2015
Hello, let’s kick off our analysis of the election news from Saturday April 18 2015, by taking a look at the Top 10 Hashtag Chart: The chatter over the BBC Debate is starting to recede now, and the SNP tags … Continue reading →

UK General Election Day 18 Twitter Analysis 18 Apr 2015
Hello and welcome to an analysis of the election for Friday April 17 2015. Jumping right into the hashtag chart: From the chart we can see that the #BBCDebate is still a popular topic of conversation, consequently #Labour and #SNP … Continue reading →