Implementing Clustering using SQL Server

High availability is becoming an ever-more pressing business need. Of all the technologies available to you, clustering is the slickest and easiest, but probably the trickiest in terms of setup. This session will take you through creating a clustered SQL Server. This will cover planning, prerequisities, security, installation, troubleshooting, configuring and supporting. It will focus on SQL Server 2005 but will include whats-new information for 2008 as well.
Presented by Tom Pullen at SQLBits IV
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    Tom has been a DBA since 1998, he started out using SQL Server 4.2 and 6.5. He currently works for Aris Technologies, a small casino gaming company. He has previously worked for RM Education and Oxfam. He is a Senior DBA, with responsibility for system design, maintenance, database design, performance tuning, scalability and platform architecture. He has written several articles for He presented at SQL Bits 2, 4 and 6 (he only likes even numbers).
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