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Ricky Brundritt

Ricky Brundritt is the Microsoft EMEA Bing Maps Technology Solution Professional. He is a Co-founder of the Bing Maps UK user group and is heavily involved in the Bing Maps community. Ricky was also a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Live Platform in 2009, 2010 & 2011 and also the winner of a Microsoft competition held in 2010 that earned him the title “King of Bing Maps”. As a former software consultant Ricky enjoys experimenting with the latest in software technology and integrating it with Bing Maps.
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Image Overlays with Bing Maps (Native) 04 Apr 2014
A while back I wrote a blog posts called Image Overlays with Bing Maps (JavaScript). In this blog post we saw a couple of different ways to overlay an image on the map and bind it to a bounding box such that it stays correctly positioned when panned and scales as you zoom the map.…

How to Create a Customer Ranked Auto Suggest with Bing Maps and Azure Mobile Services 31 Mar 2014
From time to time I come across developers who want to have an auto suggest search box to use with their map. Your first thought might be to simply use the Bing Maps geocoding services to do this, however this often ends up generating a large number of transactions. If you are using Bing Maps…

Large Polyline Blurring Bug Workaround for Windows 8 28 Mar 2014
Recently I wrote a blog post on How to Create Custom Shapes in Windows Store Apps. This post was originally targeted at Windows Store apps using Bing Maps. The custom shapes consisted of creating a class that extends from the Canvas class and then using the standard shapes that are in the ...

How to Create Custom Shapes in Windows Store Apps (C#) 26 Mar 2014
In the Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store Apps there are five main types of data that you can add to the map: Pushpin, MapPolyline, MapPolygon, MapTileLayer, and UIElements. UIElements can be added to the map just like pushpins and are a great way to create custom shapes to the map. The main shapes ...

How to Create Heat Maps in Native Windows Store Apps 12 Mar 2014
Heat maps, also known as density maps, are a type of overlay on a map used to represent data using different colors. Heat maps are often used to show the data hot spots on a map. The data used in these overlays usually takes one of two forms: Color coded polygons or polylines – In…