4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London


Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas is a Systems Consultant and SQL Server Evangelist for Dell Software where he specialises in providing SQL Server solutions and system health checks to organisations across the EMEA region. Richard is the founder and organiser of the Maidenhead SQL Server User Group and has spoken at several PASS events including the PASS Summit, SQL Rally's and SQL Saturdays. Richard also regularly presents webinars for Dell Software and PASS Virtual Chapters on various SQL Server related topics and was a technical reviewer on two SQL Server 2012 books. Richard can be contacted via Twitter @SQLRich or on his blog http://SQL.RichardDouglas.co.uk
http://sql.RichardDouglas.co.uk http://feeds.feedburner.com/co/LJKyU

Ensuring top performance is never easy. To maintain performance you need to make sure you’re monitoring the right things. How do you know if the figures you’re seeing are good or bad? Baseline comparisons can help.
In this session, you'll gain invaluable guidance for optimizing your backup strategies. Using trace flags the session will cover how SQL Server manages its own backup options and how you can tune them to meet your SLAs.
In this session you'll learn all about SQL Server wait statistics. These are statistics the database engine stores about the resources it is waiting on. Armed with this information you as a SQL Server professional can make better informed decisions.

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(Ctrl+E) was pressed. Waiting for the second key of chord… 08 Jan 2015
I first came across the error "(Ctrl+E) was pressed. Waiting for the second key of chord..." last year, these weird errors have a tendency to come at the worst times. Related posts: Changing how you view results in SSMS

PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Webcast 20141112 12 Nov 2014
Today I have the honour of presenting a session for the PASS Database Administration Virtual Chapter. The great thing about the PASS Virtual Chapters are that they are completely free, you just need to be a member of PASS in order to register. That’s right, free SQL Server training and if you miss ...

I need your help 07 Nov 2014
The Situation On the 19th November I am going to be presenting two sessions for the Luxembourg PASS chapter at the Microsoft offices there, you can register for the event here. One session is on Wait Statistcs, which is fine. I’ve done it before as a webcast for Dell Software and will be doing a ...

Experts Perspective Webcast: Wait Watchers – Gain Performance Increases Fast 12 Aug 2014
Following in the footsteps of such greats community leaders as Brent Ozar and Kevin Kline I have the opportunity, nay privilege of hosting the “Experts Perspective” webcast series. The only difference being for the next event which is held this week on 14th August 2014 that I won’t be hosting it, ...

PASS DBA VC Session 25th June 24 Jun 2014
It’s always an honour to be able to speak at an event, but events can be expensive to attend and they don’t always occur at a time or location that is convenient for you. Thankfully those smart people at PASS have created a number of Virtual Chapters so you can watch sessions live from the ...