Chris Webb

Chris Webb is an independent consultant specialising in Analysis Services, MDX, Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query. He is the author of "Power Query for Power BI and Excel" and a co-author of "SQL Server Analysis Services 2012: The BISM Tabular Model", "Expert Cube Development with SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services", and "MDX Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and Hyperion Essbase". He blogs at

This session will show you how to build aggregations in Analysis Services 2008 that are useful for the queries you're actually running
Learn how the Analysis Services cache works, and how you can pre-load it with data to ensure optimal query performance.
Learn to tune Analysis Services 2008 query performance
This session will introduce the basic concepts of the new multidimensional calculation language, DAX, and show how to implement several common calculations in it
Learn about the most frequently made Analysis Services design mistakes, the problems they cause, and how to fix them or not make them in the first place
This session will introduce the concept of scoped assignments in MDX and show how they can be used to solve various calculation problems.
This session explains what the BI Semantic Model in SQL Server Denali is, how it is related to Analysis Services, and provides a brief introduction to the new Tabular model.
This session will cover advanced security topics in the Analysis Services Multidimensional model.
This session looks at the most significant new functionality to be added to SSAS Multidimensional in recent years: support for the DAX language and Power View.
An in-depth session on advanced Power Query functionality and the M language
A fun session showing some amazing things you can do with Power BI
See how to use Power Query to build a detail-level reporting solution
Think you know MDX? This session will show you some advanced, little-known but nonetheless practical tips and tricks for writing complex calculations and making your queries run faster.

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Happy First Birthday Power BI! 24 Jul 2016
To mark the first anniversary of Power BI reaching RTM, Paul Turley and Adam Saxton have organised a celebration in the form of coordinated blog posts from the community and a video to say thank you to the Power BI team at Microsoft: This has been a great year for Power BI and its success is ...

Deprecated And Discontinued Functionality In SSAS 2016 19 Jul 2016
Some time ago I blogged about the deprecated and discontinued functionality in SSAS 2014, so I thought it would be a good idea to follow my last post on what’s new in SSAS 2016 Multidimensional with a discussion of what’s going or gone from it. The same page that I linked to last time ...

What’s New In Analysis Services 2016 Multidimensional? 13 Jul 2016
With the recent release of SQL Server 2016 some of you old faithful SSAS Multidimensional users out there might be wondering if it’s worth upgrading. There is an official page describing what’s new in Analysis Services 2016 here: …but it’s ...

Excel 2016 PivotTable MDX Changes Lead To Big Query Performance Gains 08 Jul 2016
Yesterday, the Excel team announced a bunch of performance improvements in Excel 2016 for PivotTables connected to Analysis Services (Multidimensional or Tabular), Power Pivot and Power BI. If you haven’t read the official blog post already, here it is: ...

What Monthly Updates For SQL Server Management Studio And SSDT Mean For SSAS Developers 07 Jul 2016
Last month I upgraded the laptop I use for teaching to SQL Server 2016 and, as is always the way, not long afterwards I ran into a problem while I was doing a demo during a course: the SSAS Deployment Wizard didn’t work for SSAS 2016 Tabular projects created at the new 1200 compatibility level. ...