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Training Day

A choice of full day instructor led training sessions, 17 Jul 2014

Pre-conference full day training seminars - Thursday 17th July 2014.
Virtualization, SANs, and Hardware for SQL Server with Brent Ozar

When you're the one who has to plan, buy, set up, and troubleshoot production SQL Servers, you need to know about hardware, SAN storage, SSDs, virtualization, and more. Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar will give you confidence on tough topics.

SSIS Problem, Design, Solution with Brian Knight

Learn how to solve some of the most common problems in SSIS through a variety of patterns.

The Data Analysts Toolkit: Microsoft Power BI & R with Jennifer Stirrup

Learn about Business Intelligence and Business Analysis together. It is essential to understand data visualisation and have R as a tool in your toolset. Bring your laptops and follow as we go along!

Advanced Data Modeling Topics with Dejan Sarka

Go well beyond generally spread knowledge about the relational database design.

Creating a Power BI Solution in one day with Marco Russo

Introduction to all the tools included in Power BI, creating a complete solution in one day and showing how to use each tool in a practical way, with many demos.

Real World Big Data-Deploy, Design and Manage like a Pro with Adam Jorgensen and John Welch

This session will walk the audience through building out a real Hadoop cluster, configuring it for analysis and then walk through a number of hands-on real world workloads, focusing on app developers, DBA's, operations, analysts, and BI developers.

Practical T-SQL – Efficient Solutions with Itzik Ben-Gan

This seminar covers practical use of T-SQL to address common tasks efficiently. It describes in detail powerful uses of features such as window functions, APPLY, MERGE, OFFSET-FETCH, sequences and others.

The A to Z of Availability Groups with Allan Hirt

Ever since it was introduced in SQL Server 2012, availability groups (AGs) have been a source of interest, curiosity, and confusion. This full day session will demystify and discuss the good, bad, and ugly of deploying and administering AGs.

SQL Server Query Processing Internals with Dave Ballantyne and David Morrison

In this precon, we will be looking at the processes involved of taking a simple statement and forming a workable well performing execution plan.

In-Memory Technologies in SQL Server 2014: : CCI & XTP with Andreas Wolter and Niko Neugebauer

In this full-day session MVP Niko Neugebauer & MCM Andreas Wolter shall take you on a journey to In-Memory in year 2014. New Features will impact design & performance of DBs: Columnstore Indexes for Analytics and XTP for high performing OLTP systems.

SQL Server Performance Diagnosis and Query Tuning with Simon Sabin

This session will enable you to undertake performance tuning from analysis through to resolution. You will understand, tools for diagnosing, their impact and benefit, the execution of a query, and how to rewrite and index queries to optimise them