17th - 19th July 2014

The International Centre, Telford

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Marco Schreuder

Runs the consulting firm IN2BI (www.in2bi.com) dedicated to helping companies get the most out of their investment in Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. His field of interest is broad and ranges from presenting relevant information in dashboards and reports to efficiently collecting data in data warehouses.

He is the architect behind the following BI products:

- Webdashboard from his previous company In Summa (www.insumma.nl

- Het DWH Deck from IN2BI.

http://www.in2bi.com http://feeds.feedburner.com/in2bi

In this session you'll get a good introduction of the concepts and advantages of Biml as we walk to the creation of Meta Data Driven SSIS Solution.

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Many Happy User Peaks 02 Jan 2014
I wrote this blog post in august 2012, but somehow I forgot to post it. At the start of 2014 I wish every one many happy user peaks and wisdom in creating them… Recently I have been involved in converting a business intelligence (dashboard) web application. Making it more suitable for tablets and ...

Run as Different User 18 Dec 2013
As a consultant I often need to run a program as a different user. For future reference I collected the information about RunAs in this article. In Windows 7 en Windows Server 2008R2 you can run an application as a different user  by holding down the shift key and right clicking the ...

Create a LightSwitch Application to Maintain Metadata 08 Dec 2013
Correct metadata is essential for every automation solution. When I started working with BIML I used one table that describes the source to target table mapping. (see the “Creating a Meta Data Driven SSIS Solution with BIML” series) And that works fine in most simple scenarios like importing ...

Making your Biml files less complex 17 Sep 2013
The combination of XML and C# code in a Biml file can make Biml files very complex. In web development Microsoft overcame this problem by introducing the code-behind model with one file for the static (html) text and a separate file for the dynamic code. Unfortunately this is not possible with ...

8 Practical BIML Tips 31 Aug 2013
You can leverage Business Intelligence Markup Language – or BIML – to automate the creation of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages. The popular open source BIDSHelper project includes Biml functionality, enabling anyone to write and execute BIML code for free. Among ...