Manohar Punna is a Microsoft Data Platform Consultant and a Data Platform MVP. In his day to day job he works on building database systems, automating database tasks, building monitoring systems, helping customers to make value from their data & explore and learn.

By passion Manohar is a blogger, speaker and President of DataPlatformGeeks. He is a community enthusiast and believes strongly in the concept of giving back to the community. His One DMV a Day series is the longest one day series on any topic related to SQL Server available so far.

Manohar Punna has submitted a session for SQLBits 2018, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

In this session I will cover the right steps needed to analyse your databases and choose the right fit in Azure.


Previous Sessions

In this session you will see what is delayed durability, how it is achieved and how to make the best use case out of it. You will understand how to use it and a demo which explains the effects of using delayed durability with SSDs.