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Argenis Fernandez

Argenis Fernandez is a Senior Database Engineer for Survey Monkey. He has worked with SQL Server for over 14 years and enjoys large SQL Server farms, high-end OLTP databases, managing Windows environments, performance troubleshooting, high availability, disaster recovery, following best practices, and PowerShell scripting. Argenis is also a Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server 2008, an avid Twitter user (you can follow him at @DBArgenis), and occasional blogger on SQL Server topics at

Do you consider the Windows GUI to be a waste of resources? Starting with SQL Server 2012, you can run on top of Windows Server Core 2008 R2 or 2012. In this session we will discuss installation and management, along with lots of tips and tricks.

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On Community and Recognition 01 Jul 2014
  Even though way early in my career I had a SQL Server MVP as a mentor (by pure chance), it wasn’t until 2008-2009 that I sort of researched a bit more about the program, and what it really meant. I was beginning to understand how powerful networking in our community really is, and how ...

Best Advice Ever: Learn By Helping Others 24 Oct 2013
I remember when back in 2001 my friend and former SQL Server MVP Carlos Eduardo Rojas was busy earning his MVP street-cred in the NNTP forums, aka Newsgroups. I always thought he was playing the Sheriff trying to put some order in a Wild Wild West town by trying to understand what these ...

DBCC CHECKDB on VVLDB and latches (Or: My Pain is Your Gain) 17 Jun 2013
  Does your CHECKDB hurt, Argenis? There is a classic blog series by Paul Randal [blog|twitter] called “CHECKDB From Every Angle” which is pretty much mandatory reading for anybody who’s even remotely considering going for the MCM certification, or its replacement (the Microsoft ...

DBA Best Practices - A Blog Series: Episode 3 - Use a Wiki for Documentation 13 Feb 2013
  Retaking on this blog series after an extended hiatus. I hope you will enjoy today’s topic on documentation. Boring Work? Nope – An Opportunity One of the often neglected and yet extremely important tasks of any DBA is to document his/her environment. I can certainly relate to those of ...

Paul Randal’s Disaster Recovery Step-by-Step Poster 07 Feb 2013
If you were looking for Paul Randal’s [Blog|Twitter] DR poster and couldn’t find it anywhere on the net, I have good news for you: I saved a copy on my PC before it was taken down, and (with Paul’s permission) wanted to make it available here. So, without further ado, enjoy the poster.