4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Query and Loading Performance of a SQL Server Data Warehouse

This session discusses the impact of various design/modelling aspects and SQL Server features to the query and loading performance of a SQL Server data warehouse.

  • How various data warehouse design/dimensional modelling aspects like fact table primary key, foreign keys, snowflaking, fact grain, transaction dimension, slowly changing dimension type 2, periodic snapshot, incremental extract, accumulated snapshot and fact normalisation affects the data warehouse query performance and loading performance.
  • How SQL Server specific features affect (can be used to improve) the query and loading performance of a SQL Server data warehouse, for example: partitioning, clustered index, indexed views, filtered indexes, bitmap indexes, change data capture, data compression, merge statement, incremental delete, query/table hints, joins, data types, minimally logged insert, data/log files, filegroups, autogrow, tempdb, recovery model, and scalable shared database.


Presented by Vincent Rainardi at SQLBits VI
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    Vincent is a data warehouse & BI architect. He wrote a book on SQL Server data warehousing & BI, as well as many articles on www.datawarehouse.org.uk. Vincent is certified in designing BI solutions, database design and DBA (MCTS, MCITP, MCP).
    http://www.datawarehouse.org.uk/ http://www.datawarehouse.org.uk/feed/
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