4th - 7th March 2015

ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre, London

Empowering the PowerPivot

This session will show how Excel PowerPivot could beused as the sole tool for creating Business Intelligence prototypesquickly.  End users would have access to an initial version to have theoption of handling the final product without having to wait for a more advanceddevelopment. This way of working can bring benefits over the traditionalway of creating prototypes for BI and even could be made without the need ofpurchasing a specific hardware. We will be able to use a local machine for itscreation, aside from that, the solution would be very portable--we will justneed to move/copy the file from one machine to another in order to distributeit across different users or even just publishing it in MOSS. At the endof the session we will have connected to different data sources to create anExcel spreadsheet that will reinforce our vision of the user to the new tool,helping you better understand the implementation to be performed and will helpus to validate the requirements and needs of our BI solution.
Presented by Javier Torrenteras at SQLBits VI
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    Javier Torrenteras is a Solid Quality Mentor focused onBusiness Intelligence. He has more than thirteen years of experience in theinformation technology area. Over the years, he has worked on a large varietyof projects: client/server and web development, management, businessintelligence, etc. During the last seven years, his main focus has been on theMicrosoft Data Platform, mainly on the BI tools. He has tremendous experiencewith Reporting and Analysis Services. Professional Experience Samples include:Solid Quality Mentors, Spain--acting as a Data Platform Architect on theBusiness Intelligence Area; Atento--designing and building a datamart (usingSSIS, SSAS and SSRS) to control the productivity of the teams managed by thisfirm. For one of the largest insurance companies in Spain he has beencollaborating on the design and development of a data mart (using AnalysisServices and SQL Server) for measuring the health insurance products. ForAccenture, Javier worked as a Senior Specialist leading one of the CIO teams incharge of managing some of their internal data marts. He used Microsoft BItools to report and analyze information such as time reports of all theemployees of the firm, measuring the use of the employee’s portal and otherinternal web sites, generating the tax audit information required by legalentities.

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