How to outsource yourself with a Powershell script

Well, kidding of course. Someone needs to maintain those scripts :-)
But there is a lot of repetitive work that can easily be scripted. 
And powershell is so versatile that it can be used to make scripts that "think" the way a DBA thinks. 
It will solve problems or complete a task for you that includes reacting to various (un)expected circumstances.
I will show you how to use some cool new features of Powershell 3,  like workflows and web access, and I'll use some of my own scripts to demonstrate how this all comes together.
Presented by Andre Kamman at SQLBits XI
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    I’m a SQL Server consultant based in the Netherlands. I’m a SQL Server MVP and I’m the co-founder and current chairman of the Dutch PASS Chapter and a member of the volunteer team for the Dutch SQL Saturday’s. I’ve done a whole lot of pure DBA work managing 100′s of servers and learning something new every day.

    These days I spend a lot of time on just a few servers containing some large databases and the better part of the day is spent with SSIS. In both roles I’ve been using Powershell a lot. I joke sometimes that I replaced myself with a powershell script when leaving the DBA role, but these days I automate so much that I have to watch myself and not actually do just that
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