4th - 7th May 2016



Satya Jayanty

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Satya Jayanty is Microsoft's Data Platform MVP (formerly SQL Server) achieving for last 10 years, subject matter expert with consulting & technical expertise within Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Architecture solutions with over 24+ years of experience. He is the author of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Administration Cookbook (released May 2011) and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 cube-security How-to (October 2012) fromwww.packtpub.com, co-author of MVP Deep Dives SQL Server Volume II (released October 2011) from Manning Publications.

Satya (@SQLMaster) is a prolific speaker at major technology conferences such as Microsoft Tech-Ed (Europe, India and North America), SQL PASS (Europe and North America), and SQL Bits (UK). Owner of 2 leading SQL Server usergroup in the United Kingdom. Satya contributes to his own blog site, Data Platform Knowledge Sharing Network | SQLServer-QA.net – A Knowledge Sharing Network… and shares knowledge from his Twitter pod (http://twitter.com/sqlmaster).

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Satya Jayanty has submitted 5 sessions for SQLBits XV, although the agenda hasn't been chosen yet. See all submitted sessions.

Pending Sessions

Best Practices to deliver Data Analytics to the Business with Power BI Get your data to life with Power BI visualization and insights!
As a DBA dealing with big databases, you might think that you already handle big data. You’ve already been managing databases that are in the petabytes for years now, right?
Data, data and data everywhere! Cloud, cloud and more cloud! How to handle streaming data with low latency, high volume, short updates? How can you help build BI & Analytics on your data platform?
New data types with high volumes and velocity, the phenomenon known as big data, we need to rethink current technology portfolio to build right integration.
Dig into big data, how could you engage using traditional SQL methods? Ability to dip into the big data - to be more agile and adaptive. To be more classic and traditional way of data querying. InMemory is the new buzzword for data platform.

Previous Sessions

SQL Server upgrade is no easy job, as DBA must go through upgrade methodology with options and considerations. Take help of freely available Upgrade tools from Microsoft and plan your database upgrade with a coverage of Pre-upgrade tasks, during upgrade and Post upgrade tasks.
Storage of large volumes of unstructured data - build a strategy by following best practices.
Achieving application uptime of 99.99% is not an impossible task, can be accomplished if you apply right procedures at right time!
A typical day of DBA and new features of SQL Server 2008 can help - save a minute.
Database or SQL Server instance upgrade will need thorough planning and implementaiton.

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