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Cloud Computing with SSDS. That's not a typo that's SQL Server Data Services. Currently in beta this could be the next big thing. We will first look at the model of cloud computing and try and identify where it 'fits' in today's enterprise. Will this be the product that replaces Express or Enterprise edition? Will it replace them both? Only time will actually tell but by looking at the functionality provided in the current (whatever that is) release of SSDS we will try and draw out a picture of this emerging market. This will be followed up with some practical demonstrations of the functionality available in SSDS as we attempt to build our own data cloud.
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    James Rowland-Jones is a Principal Consultant for The Big Bang Data Company. His focus and passion is to architect and deliver highly scalable analytical platforms that are creative, simple, and elegant in their design. James specializes in big data warehouse solutions that leverage both SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and Hadoop ecosystems. James is a keen advocate for the SQL Server community; both internationally and in the UK. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for PASS and sits on the organising committee for SQLBits - Europe's largest event for the Microsoft Data Platform. James has been awarded Microsoft’s MVP accreditation since 2008 for his services to the community.


    You can find James on twitter @jrowlandjones or www.linkedin.com
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